In today’s world it seems there is always a new pill to take. Drugs are prescribed for all kinds of problems without a second thought. While medication can be a helpful part of overall health, a drug free approach is always better than taking yet another pill. This guiding principal helped in the creation of The Headache Stopper. Sharik Peck, developer of the RezzimaxTM Therapy headache relief system has created a device that truly relieves headaches in just minutes. All without medication.

Drug Free

Mind & Body


The Headache Stopper was created with holistic healing and self reliance at its core. Whether your headaches are caused by stress, fatigue, or illness. The Headache Stopper uses the Rezzimax Therapy TMJ pain relief process to provide fast relief.  The Headache Stopper can improve many areas of your life, such as enhancing your ability to manage stress and to obtain restful sleep.  This process is useful within the medical, dental and chiropractic communities. 


In clinical testing. 9 out of 10 headache and migraine sufferers found significant relief from their pain within 10 minutes of using The Headache Stopper. The power of The Headache Stopper penetrates deep into the body bringing relief at a cellular level. Just like a musical instrument needs to be re-tuned, The Headache Stopper uses vibration to “re-tune” your nervous system. This makes it extremely effective and powerful.

Rezzimax Therapy Headache Relief